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Casino Quest

8 Ft Casino Quest Craps Layout

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Professional 8 ft craps layout. These layouts use the newest tech in felt fabrics.  These are machine washable, vibrant, durable and offer a smooth,  textured feel that allows chips and dice to move effortlessly across. These professional layouts are true "speed" felts that provide a real visceral experience. 

Blended Fibers, Scratch and spill resistant. 

Casino Quest's newest and latest Craps layout design on a professional "speed" felt. This is a casino grade felt using a high quality micro-fiber polyester blend. 

This new speed felt is scratch and spill resistant featuring the latest in fabric technology delivering vivid colors and a surface that effortlessly supports the movement of chips, cards and gaming accessories.  

Unlike many other felts of lesser quality, The Casino Quest felt IS machine washable on a light cycle. Dry by hanging in room temperature. Steam lightly to remove wrinkles. 

A "speed" felt is so named because it allows chips to move quickly across its surface. Since Dealers are pushing chips (or cheques) all day long across a felt, any resistance on the felt can cause a dealer to make a mistake or lead to fatigue, especially on Craps (Dice) tables. The smoother the surface the easier chips will move. The problem has always been durability and muted colors - until now.