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Casino Quest

8' Craps Table DIY

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This DIY Craps Table is everything you need to build your very own craps table. This table can be assembled in under 2 hours. It will take longer to apply custom upgrades.

Anything not explicitly detailed below is extra. The felt, rubber and all optional items are sold separately.

These tables are manufactured on demand and shipped directly to your front door. Shipping costs are handled separately. We only ship within the continental USA due to shipping and logistical problems caused by Covid. (This may change in the near future).

We wait 2 business days after your initial payment. From there, our staff will follow-up with the exact shipping costs. This will be handled with a 2nd invoice. Current shipping costs for this table range from $250 to $500.

This table takes a standard 8' craps layout (felt). We have our Casino Quest or CEG layouts available for $200. A custom design with us will cost $300 or you can purchase your own. (Taxes and shipping extra)

All of the pieces are precision cut to exact specifications.

The wood is ¾ inch plywood with a birch veneer
Wood is unstained and un treated

The table as completed is 109 “ at its longest (9 ft 1”)
The table is 61” wide at its maximum width (5’ 1”)
The inside is 46.5 “ -(3 ft 10.5”)
The height is 40” from the floor to the highest point of the rail.
A flexible Mirror is included.

The interior of the table is 93” wide x 46” deep (total area inside the rail)

The build tutorial can be found here

The white table is a finished custom table with layout.