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Casino Quest

Blackjack Practice Kit

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The Casino Quest professional Blackjack dealer kit has everything you need to play and practice blackjack at home. This kit includes a professional layout, chips, discard rack, shoe, cards and more.
Each Blackjack Kit Includes,
  1. Either a Black & Gold or Classic Purple design, casino grade microfiber felt made to be stain and scratch resistant. The layout is 3ft x 2ft.
  2. A choice between 200 x 7 gram 39mm round denomination chips OR 200 x 11.5 gram 39mm NON-Denomination chips. 50 White, 50 Red, 50 Green, 50 Black. These are the same chips we use at CEG Dealer School. We have found them the most productive for improving finger strength, sizing skills and managing bets.
  3. 4 Decks of professional cards 
  4. 2 Cut Cards
  5. 4 Deck Discard Rack
  6. 4 Deck Shoe
  7. 2 X plastic .50 cent pieces or 4 plastic .25 cent pieces