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Casino Quest

Casino Quest Koi Challenge Coin

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The Casino Quest Limited Edition Metal Koi fish downtown Vegas coin. 

This is one beautiful coin. This is a standout coin that shows every nuance and graphic detail.

We have exactly 200 of them in stock.  Once they sell out, that will be it. These are the first and last run of this exact coin. We went all in on the highest quality metal coin we could find. The coin itself is textured with a gold metal base, black enamel fill and smooth edge.  

This composite alloy coin is 2" in diameter and weighs nearly the same as 2 silver dollars. Yes, it's heavy and girthy and each comes individually wrapped for your pleasure.  

Please Note:: The pictures do not do this coin justice. Due to the sheen and glossy gold raised areas playing havoc with lighting the coin, there appears to be bends or dents in the coin. The coins are actually blemish and ding free and are in uncirculated condition with thick plastic guards. They show amazingly well in person with deeply struck lines, fine details and a high polish that is close to a mirror finish on the raised edges.  These will add character and talking points to any coin collection. I am an avid coin collector and would put these coins at a grade over MS 60 uncirculated.