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Casino Quest

Casino Quest Best Craps Strategies 1 of 3

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Casino Quest favorite Craps Strategies, 27 pages, 7 Strategies, 2 appendixes and 2 separate addendums, with supporting graphical charts, pay and press tables and convenient to print reference sheets. 

The first $1 of every paid download will go to SafeNest in Las Vegas, a valuable local resource for families, children and women in need. 

The first guide offers 20 pages with 7 complete strategies and 2 appendixes. Graphical  flow charts and complete betting tables. Some strategies include multiple unit opportunities for different minimum tables. 

These strategies fit into 3 basic categories, Budget Friendly, High Roller and Grind for Time. 

Appendix 1) is a complete press and payoff chart up to $640 across or 20 units per number.  You will know all the correct amounts to bet and what they pay up to 20 units ($100 each on the outside numbers and $120 each on 6 and 8)

Appendix 2) Power Press Units for all numbers. 

PLUS 2 bonus & separate PDF Addendums featuring $25 Squeeze Play strategies and a Dealer Friendly Pressing Guide.

Both of these Addendums are freely available to Patreons of our Craps Tier.   

Addendum A includes Ultimate Squeeze Play (2 hits and out) and Original Squeeze Play (3 hits with profit) on a $25 table. 

Addendum B is a pressing guide from David (for $5, $10, $15 and $25 Tables) that offers Dealer Friendly presses. Quite honestly, there is no perfect guide for this, but this will keep the game moving and have fewer dealers rolling their eyes. 


 This first of 3 downloads is a complete guide to working craps strategies. The next parts of this series will be deep dives into other areas of playing dice with strategies for Don't players, Hybrids, Hedging plays etc.  

Please note: You should have some basic knowledge on how to play and work with place bets. This information does not include a "how to play" guide. This download does include rather comprehensive reference materials for 7 specific strategies and useful appendixes for pressing and managing place bets.