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CEG Grapefruit Roulette Strategies 2022

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CEG's "Grapefruit" Rated Best Roulette Strategies 2022 for High Rollers, Low Ballers and Comp Kings & Queens. A digital download.  

The first $1 of every paid download will go to SafeNest in Las Vegas, a valuable local resource for families, children and women in need. 

This 12 page digital PDF reference includes the following;

  • These are our favorite systems to date with millions of views and thousands of likes
  • Tabled reference guide with links to original videos, category, views and likes for context. 
  • CEG Dealer School Roulette Payout Reference  with bet identifiers and payout chart 
  • 9 Pages of strategies, 3 in each category of Low Roller (Budget), High Roller and Comps. 
  • Each strategy page includes a detailed explanation, bet example and graphics which clearly demonstrate each betting stage. 
  • Know the Buy-in by amounts and/or units, what to ask the dealer, what your bets will win, what are the "donks" and when to walk.

This is a digital download only. Our year end roulette strategy guide is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Your results may vary.