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Casino Quest

2024 Roulette Dealer Single or Double Zero Mini Layout/ Kit Upgrade

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For 2024, we've decided it is time for a refresh on a staple of our brand. Introducing the 2024 Edition Roulette Dealer Mini Layout! Now featuring updated graphics to match our Casino Quest theme as well as both Double Zero and Single Zero variants. Upgrade to a kit and save big on chips, a wheel, dolly and of course our double zero roulette layout! 

Kit Upgrade


Roulette Practice Kit Includes,
  1. One Vibrant Colored Double zero Layout on professional casino grade felt  30" deep by 52" wide) Perfect for the average dining room table or work desk.
  2. Professional Acrylic Dolly to mark the number
  3. A choice between 125 Cheques (chips) 7g professional denomination OR 11.5 gram NON-Denomination. Colors to include White or Blue x 50, Red x 50, Green x 25 and Black x 25
  4. 10" Double Zero Roulette wheel with 2 metal balls to practice spins. No option currently for Single Zero Roulette wheel.

***Upgraded Ball Option***

This option adds a 15mm roulette ball that has a similar feel to the ones used in casino's. This ball is allows for a better grip on the ball and a lot easier of a time spin

This Roulette Speed Felt by Casino Quest features a standard Double Zero Layout and is  30" deep by 52" wide. These are run off large sheets and cut by hand so the exact measurements will vary based on their placement inside the large sheet. You will get a small apron or white area on the outside with which to cut close to the edge or keep as a border. 

A "speed" felt is so named because it allows chips to move quickly across its surface. Since Dealers are pushing chips (or cheques) all day long across a felt, any resistance on the felt can cause a dealer to make a mistake or lead to fatigue, especially on Roulette tables. The smoother the surface the easier chips will move. The problem has always been durability and muted colors - until now.