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Casino Quest

CEG Craps Manual 2.5 (75 Pages) + Worksheets

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The Official CEG Dealer School Craps Manual provided to new Craps students as they begin their journey to become a Casino Craps Dealer in Las Vegas.  

This 75 page definitive Dice (or Craps) course-book provides all of the comprehensive and structured course materials required by dealers (and advanced players) who aspire to learn and deal craps in a casino.  

This collection of downloads includes; 

  1. Complete 75 Page Craps Dealer Manual / Coursework,
  2. 12 Page Mini Craps Booklet with Rules Rundown, Dice Calls & Prop Keys
  3.  David's Intro to Prop Payoffs. 89+ Pages of Craps Content!
  4. NEW*** David's EZ Proposition Keys
  5. Order of Operations
  6. Stick Person EZ Reference and Shooter Rules
  7. Place Bet Payoff Worksheets 1 to 100 units. (5 or 6 to 500 or 600)

 Last Revised August 29.2022


This is a digital download. After purchase you will be given the link to download your manual / course book and any accompanying worksheets. 

The CEG Craps Manual and supplements are ideal for anyone interested in becoming a craps dealer, those of you new to craps or advanced players looking to gain some real depth of knowledge.