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Casino Quest

Craps Dealer Premium Practice Kit

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The Casino Quest professional craps dealer kit has everything you need to get started, continue practicing and fine tune your game.

Each Craps Kit Includes,
  1. Our new, premium casino grade DIGI MK microfiber felt. This is an impact resistant durable felt featuring vibrant graphics.  Each felt is 62" wide by 31' deep.  This new tech in felts is washable! and scratch resistant. 
  2. 200 X 10 gram 39mm round denomination chips. 50 White or Blues, 50 Red, 50 Green, 50 Black. These are the same chips we use at CEG Dealer School. We have found them the most productive for improving finger strength, sizing skills and managing bets.
  3. 5 X 19mm canceled casino dice. 
  4. 2 X On/Off buttons
  5. 2 X Lay/Buy Buttons
  6. 1 X Full Size On/Off Puck

All of the accessory items are the same quality as used in actual casinos. Everything we purchase is from a gaming supply company in Vegas and a direct trade line that focuses on casino grade materials. 

Choose Your Layout. a) Our original layout with the prop/hopping bets in the middle in Black or in Purple.