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Casino Quest

Premium 10ft Craps Table

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Premium, USA crafted 10' craps table. This table is great for any home style fun nights, dice control practice or even just an upgrade to home decor for the craps enthusiast.

This table is professional grade made by master craftsman in the USA. Solid oak chip rails, easy to maintain laminated outer wood finish, 3/4th inch solid wooden layout board, NO PARTICLE BOARD, NO MBF.

The table would qualify as a standard 10' table in length with a similar shooting area and cloth (speed felt) surface. The exception is the table profile is bit thinner and not as wide as a typical table making it a great home fit. 

This table is a bit of genius. It's divided into several basic pieces, the 2 rails, the legs, center board, mirror side and interior (box) side. 

Our display table was delivered by a big rig. One person is able to off load each piece (if necessary). Each piece is well wrapped and buffered against damage or scrapes. 

With a power drill and some nails that are provided, we assembled the table in less than 15 minutes. 

These tables are manufactured on demand and shipped directly to your front door. Shipping costs are handled separately.

We also have a few upgrades available as detailed below.

We only ship within the continental USA due to shipping and logistical problems caused by Covid. (This may change in the near future). Just as an aside, shipping costs to Hawaii for 1 crate are over $3k from our factory, ouch. (as of 4/28/22). 

We wait 2 business days after your initial payment. From there, our staff will follow-up with the exact shipping costs. This will be handled with a 2nd invoice that will include any upgrades you may want. Current shipping costs (bottom 48 states) for this table range from $250 to $500.

Table Details

Table assembles in pieces that can be easily transported.

Table is around 250 lbs in total. 


Felt to Rail-Top: 11.5 inches

Floor to Rail: 40 inches

Wall to Wall: 106 inches Lengthwise/ 35 inches width

Max Width: 48 inches

Max Length: 120 inches

Stick cutout to Box cutout: 44 & 3/8th inches

Box Width: 3 inches

Box Length: 48 inches

Mirror Length 68.5 inches

This is for the table only. No chips or layout is included. 

Custom Upgrades!

1) Custom Layout - A professional casino speed felt/layout (spill and scratch resistant micro fiber) with a base design and your Logo. This includes 1 hour of graphic setting and uses designs and layouts we currently have. + $200

2) Custom Layout - A professional speed felt/layout (spill and scratch resistant micro fiber) with a new design - This includes 5 hours of graphic design work to create a unique layout. + $350

3) Custom Base Wall Graphics X 2 - Replace the 2 red dice with your own graphic up to 5 inches by 5 inches. + $100

There is a 5' X 5" area on each inside base that can be customized for an additional fee of $100. In the pictures shown, it is the area with the 2 red sparkling dice on each side, just inside of the base rail where the dealer would stand. You can add your own logo or graphic here.