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Casino Quest

Strategy Guide 2023 - Digital Version

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Casino Quest's 2023 Year End Strategy Mag. Not just a guide but a MAG!

32+ Pages of Alex, David and Dennis. 

Our Favorite Roulette and Craps Strategies for 2023. A complete visual walkthrough of each strategy with how-to pictures from start to finish. 

Bonus Keno Strategy and Power Pressing Reference.

QR codes on each page that link directly to the videos on Youtube. No more searching forever, no more need to call your kids over to figure it out. 

Strategies for Grinders (play for time), Low Rollers (play on a budget) and Ballers (play with your kids trust fund). 

Not just a strategy guide but a MAG! Full color pics, biographies, favorite things to do, places to eat and a 5 year snapshot of Casino Quest.